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Bibliography and Biography of S. P. Currie

Suzanne Patricia Currie was born in 1976, in the town of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.  Growing up at Connaught  and Oxbow Park Public Schools, she enjoyed creative writing, and was always complemented by her teachers on her short stories.  She developed her writing skills further at Collingwood Collegiate Institute, taking english courses and working on the school yearbook, and publishing her poetry in two "buy-a-book-get-your-poem-published" volumes.  After graduating in 1995, Suzanne left Collingwood to attend York University in Toronto as a Physics and Astronomy major -- this choice had won over studying Medieval Studies at Waterloo.  After a difficult first year, she switched to Combined Honours Biology and Geography, finally graduating in 2000.  Despite her previous job experience in Alumni Affairs and her academic background in science, Suzanne pursued a career in writing.   She completed a short internship at Equinox magazine after finishing university, resulting in two articles being published in Equinox and one in Canadian Geographic.  She then worked in marketing at a major internet franchise, then in the franchising department of a major food franchise; she currently works in sales at an online company.  Suzanne occasionally does freelance writing and researching.



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